Eriophyllum staechadifolium

Lizard Tail

Lizard Tail is a common member of the coastal plant community, and easy to grow in the garden. The beautifully dissected silver-toned leaves are set off by small yellow daisy like flowers in flat topped umbels. When planted with a full sun exposure it will remain somewhat compact and flowering stalks will be sturdily upright; in a part sun setting the plant will grow more leggy as flowering stalks reach toward the sun.  Eriophyllums are drought tolerant, but respond well to occasional water; they need good drainage. 

Blooming starts in mid summer and will continue for a month or more. Plant Lizard Tail in drifts for best impact, and combine with other late summer blooming natives like Buckwheats and California Fuschias.  The silvery foliage pairs well with the delicate green foliage of Penstemon heterophyllus, for blooms at different seasons in the same garden bed.

Lots of insects are attracted to the nectar these flowers produce, and birds eat the seed in the fall.